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Margie McCulloch, owner/designer

Margie is the chief creative and driving force behind Red Pepper. She comes to design with a BFA from the University of Cincinnati in Photography and Printmaking and a naturally mechanical mind. In 1997 she began renovating troubled homes and reselling them which caught the attention of realtors who then asked her to do projects for them. There was no turning back. 

She brings to her clients an understanding of the real value of their home.  As an artist she has an eye for composition, as a mother she understands how families use their home and the kitchen specifically. We look at the entire space surrounding the kitchen  since cooking is only one of the kitchen's functions. Whether serving one person or a large family, we want your home to fit you like a custom made shoe: beautiful, functional and comfortable."

Margie created Red Pepper Kitchen+Bath in 2003.


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