• Margie McCulloch

It Isn't Enough, But It's All I've Got

I wish I could design a kitchen that would save a life.

A Kitchen to protect from harm, to shelter from pain.

I can create beauty and comfort but right now that doesn’t seem enough.

I've been trying to write a blog for weeks now but just couldn't get words to surface. I have been feeling so much pain and wish I could do something right now, today, this minute, to make things different in our country. I used to think prejudice was about skin color but I now understand it is about power and money and greed. Skin is just the team color that makes the other easy to identify. I have discovered that there is a lot of good information at my fingertips to help me identify and learn about the industries and systems that are themselves a deep chronic infection in our country. 13th on Netflix is a masterful history class that should be required viewing for all Americans. Bryan Stevenson (google him) is a national treasure. So many brilliant minds are now and have been speaking out. I just couldn't hear them before. I heard a childhood friend of George Floyd say that when they graduated from high school George said 'I'm going to do something big. Something that will make a difference.' Mission accomplished, George. Thank you for your sacrifice. You have done something HUGE. May you rest in peace.

Comfort provided by heirloom beans simmering in a handmade pot. Beauty is visual but it also is acknowledgement of the human touch in an object.

Wishing you all comfort and safety.

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