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From My Kitchen to Yours

I love Earth Day. It is non-denominational, not even species specific, and who could be against preserving our beautiful planet? It's not accidental that Earth Day comes in Spring when new life is bursting out everywhere we look. It helps us appreciate it more.

On the topic of newness, I want to take this opportunity to share some news: I've initiated big changes for Red Pepper and for me personally in the last five weeks. I've decided that its time for Red Pepper 2.0 which means I've moved out of the Pearl Street Studio that I've loved for the last seventeen years and moved my business to my home- not for the duration of the shut down but permanently. I've been itchy to shake things up but never guessed a global pandemic would be the straw that would break the spell of my West End location.

I would love to have you all over- perhaps an open house to kick off "2.0." But first I have work to do. I can live with things that need to be fixed or updated in my house as long as I don't spend ALL of my time here. That has clearly changed. If you find yourself in the same fix, call me. (Same phone numbers.) I am doing projects now and we are conducting our necessary location meetings with gloves and masks.

As soon as my home is party worthy I will send an invitation to all my clients and friends.


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