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Advice From a Realtor: Why Redoing Your Kitchen and Bath is Always a Good Idea

“We’ll redo the kitchen and bathrooms eventually.” Sound familiar? This is a phrase that undeniably comes out of almost every homeowner’s mouth at some point in time. While the process of home remodel can be a grand feat, the pros can trample the cons in countless ways. Janice Sherman, a broker at KL Realty in Boulder shares her top three reasons why redoing your kitchen and bathroom is always a good idea, especially when you’re considering selling your house.

1. A fresh kitchen and bath will make selling your house a whole lot easier. Janice explains that in her experience, “most buyers want to walk in and have everything already done. There is a small percentage of buyers that want to do everything themselves.” Whether on the subconscious level of being drawn to new appliances and beautiful designs or not, buyers are more likely to buy a house with an updated kitchen and bathrooms than one that cries for an upgrade. Ultimately, by redesigning two of the most widely advantaged rooms in any house, you as a homeowner have the power to help it get off the market faster.

2. A new kitchen and bath will bring your older house up to the quality of new houses.

Styles change and so do buyers' expectations. While small bedrooms, bathrooms and closets used to be norm, buyers now look for bedrooms with updated en suite bathrooms and larger closets. Updating these spaces can put an older home in direct competition with newly built homes.

3. Kitchen and bath remodel have highest value vs. cost.

Even a simple remodel, such as getting new appliances and countertops, can increase the value of your house far beyond what you might spend on the renovation. It doesn’t need to be expensive or extreme, but a simple revamp will appeal to buyers - making your house worth more and in greater demand. Additionally, increasing the appraisal value of your house via remodels can benefit financial resources, such as your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

Red Pepper had the opportunity to redesign a condominium near downtown Boulder, increasing its sale value far beyond what the clients expected. Knocking down walls and adding bold colors made the unit so attractive to buyers that in 2016, it sold for more than any other unit in the complex - a whopping $660,000 for the 1280 square foot abode. Check out these Before and After images to see the difference that so drastically increased the home’s value.


Red Pepper is here to guide you through the process of kitchen and bath redesign and help your home reach its full potential. Make your home move-in ready, and you will see a better return on the resale market.

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